E-Safety Council

At school we regularly discuss all aspects of E Safety and the importance of personal safety at home as well as in school.

As part as our schools’ ICT development plan we decided to form an   E Safety committee to monitor these and wider issues when communicating electronically.

The members are made up of representatives from Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, members of staff, parents and our governing body.

It is the role of the committee to investigate E Safety changes, review our school procedures and discuss any ways to improve pupil and adult understanding of this topic.

Following our meeting we proposed using our website as the perfect location for our first project. We felt it would be good to share resources used by the pupils within school with our parents.

We would therefore like to welcome you to our Pupil and Parent E Safety page. Please click here.

We hope you find these links and downloads informative, as we all work together to embrace online technology.

Remember Be Safe Be Smart.

S    SAFE do not share personal information.

M   MEETING someone you don’t know can be dangerous.

A   ACCEPTING unknown messages can lead to nasty problems.

R   RELIABLE information should be checked as it may not be true.

T   TELL a trusted adult if you feel worried or uncomfortable.