About Our School


Christ Church Primary School was opened in 1863. The school is made up of two buildings — the main part of the school which houses the juniors and a smaller building that contains the infant classrooms. 

The school site is very secure and can only be entered through one gate operated by a video entry-phone. 

The school has seven classrooms - one for each year group. 

We have a computer suite that enables all the teachers to take in their whole class at once.

Over the years, we have undergone building work to re-establish the school library, update the Year 6 hut and create some smaller work areas.  The school has also refurbished the school hall, modernized the kitchen, completed a generous extension to the year 1 classroom and fitted a pupil-friendly kitchen area.

Recent refurbishment included a 're-make' of the pupil garden, improvements to KS1 and KS2 toilets and an upgrade of our computer suite.

Our latest changes have been made to the outdoor area and access to Reception Class. 

Vision, Aims and Values

Our vision for Christ Church Primary School is for a united Christian community dedicated to challenging and inspiring every child to reach their full potential. We will value every child as an individual, will support the development of the whole child, and will encourage educational excellence, to enable them to leave us as model citizens of the future.


We will achieve our vision through the application of a core set of values. We have worked together in school and have agreed the following core values:

  • Achievement: taking on challenges; setting goals
  • Teamwork: cooperation; taking responsibility
  • Fairness: following rules; treating each other equally
  • Kindess: caring; loving; being honest
  • Faith: trusting God; having self belief


As part of this we have also linked to British Values of:

  • Freedom
  • Individuality
  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Respect
  • Tolerance



Kaleidoscope Collaboration

We have agreed (September 2016) to work in close collaboration with 5 local primary schools: Ashcombe, Beckett, Hutton, St. Martin’s and Worle Village - and we have signed a 'Memorandum of Understanding' to support this.

We have already been holding pupil sporting events, joint staff network meetings and leadership / governor meetings over the last 9 months.

In 2017, we will be increasing our close working partnership to give pupils even more opportunities to share work and experiences between the schools. We will be extending our staff networks and have formed a Trust board of Chairs of Governors and Head Teachers to oversee the partnership. We will be making an application in 2017 to become a Multi-academy Trust.

If you would like to learn more about our partner schools, these are the links to their school websites:


  Aschombe Primary School:  www.ashcombeprimary.co.uk

  Beckett Primary School: www.becketprimary.co.uk

  Hutton Church of England Primary School: www.huttonceprimaryschool.co.uk

  St. Martin’s Primary School: www.stmartinsschool.org.uk

  Worle Village Primary School: ww.worlevillage.n-somerset.sch.uk

Letters and Information


Kaleidoscope Term 1 and 2 Review

Parent Presentation


One of the aims of our school is to provide the best education possible for every child, irrespective of ability, gender or culture.  In order that children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can achieve this aim, the school follows the ‘Code of Practice’ on the identification and assessment of special educational needs and disabilities, published by the Department for Education (DfE). 

The school aims to identify any need which a child may have, whether of an academic, physical, emotional/behavioural or language developmental nature, at as early a stage as possible.  Once identified the child’s need would be discussed and assessed with their parents and an action plan written stating how the school and the parents can help, in partnership, to give the child the support they need.

The child’s needs and progress will be reviewed regularly with parents and if it is considered that the child is not making sufficient progress the school might increase the support being given to them.  Should it become necessary to enlist the support of outside agencies this would be done in full consultation with parents.


A child may, as part of their special needs action plan, be supported in class by an adult in either a 1:1 or group situation.

Travel Map

In order for pupils to safely plan their route to and from our school, we have provided parents and carers with a local map showing safe walking routes and approximate journey times. You can download this map as a PDF file below. Please note you will need Adobe Reader.

Download: School-Travel-Map.pdf