Green Flag Award

It is hard to believe that it is two years since we received our Green Flag!  We were very proud of everything we achieved at the time, but we have built on our achievements since then and have gone on to achieve greater things – like more recycling, much more global work and monitoring our energy usage.  We have plans in the pipeline for even more, so watch this space!

Our Green Flag is due for renewal and our inspection date is 18th July.  The School/Eco- Council is beginning to work hard to collect all our evidence together for the inspection date and will be giving a service to the school to keep them updated on Monday 27th June.

Let’s all work hard to make sure that we keep our precious Green Flag!

Healthy Schools Award

Christ Church School was proud to receive Healthy Schools status in the summer of 2009.  The whole school worked together on the project and great improvements took place over the course of the year in which we worked to achieve it.

The Healthy School s Programme is designed to help all children and young people to be healthy and achieve at school and in life by providing opportunities at school for enhancing emotional and physical aspects of health.  In the longer term, the aim is that this will lead to improved health, reduced health inequalities, increased social inclusion and raise achievement for all.

In September 2009 we were invited to take part in the Healthy Schools + Project, to continue building on the fantastic work already in place.  We focussed on improving our Drugs Education in school, Family Seal with families in Year 1 and Time to Talk in FS2.


We heard in March 2010 that we are one of a small number of schools in North Somerset to achieve Healthy Schools + status in the first round.  Once again, we are immensely proud of our school community that we are able to make these improvements when we work together.

Leading Aspect Award

We believe a supportive partnership between home and school is essential for a child’s successful education.  The co-operation between parents and teachers is vitally important. We try to foster this partnership by  encouraging parental involvement in school in as many ways as possible. 

Parents are children’s first teachers and we aim to build on that foundation.  Children have been found to make the best progress when home and school work together.  To this end we encourage you as a parent to become involved as much as possible in your child’s education.

When your child joins the school we ask both you and them to sign the Home/School Agreement which formalises the links we have.


On Thursday 14th July 2011 we were all very proud to receive our Rights Respecting Schools Award from John Penrose during our Celebration of Achievement Service.

Mr Penrose acknowledged the efforts that our school community has made to be the first school in North Somerset to achieve this award.  He spoke to us about how important it is for children to understand their rights and how they have to fight for children all around the world to achieve their rights as well.

Courtney, Max and Tayla from Year 6 were very pleased to be presented with the award from John Penrose.  Max said “We have worked very hard all year for this award, but this makes it all worthwhile!”

Well done to these three children who have done so much to improve our school this year.  A special thank you goes to Courtney, who has reviewed the year’s work recently in preparation to hand the baton onto Year 5.

Next year, we begin work on progress towards level 2 of the award.  In the meantime, look for the beautiful award certificate in our reception area.