Beach Safety

This term Y2 have been working on a special project. It was about Superheroes and we began by thinking about the Heroes we have in our local community. We invited the police and the RNLI into school to speak to us about what they do. We discovered that the RNLI work with Lifeguards to spread a message about beach safety around the local area. It got us all thinking about how we could help.

We decided to visit the sea front to see whether the signs on the beach were being looked at by the tourists. We found out that some people we not being safe on the beach and we needed to take action. We wrote to the council and asked them if we could make and distribute some Beach safety leaflets. The council agreed and we began to collect our information and then draft and redraft our leaflets until we were happy that they were top quality.

We published them and then decided that we could spread the message much further if we contacted the BBC news and ask them if they would film us giving out our leaflets to the tourists. They agreed!

BBC Points West came to the seafront and filmed us for a morning and then we appeared on TV that evening. After this the local Radio station also came to interview us for the Radio Bristol Breakfast show. We are so pleased that our message was spread far and wide. We feel like we found the Super hero inside ourselves too!

Keeping people safe is very important. If you lose your mummy you will be scared.

I think this was great and we got interviewed by Points West so thousands of people heard us!.