Police Dog

This week we had an very special visitor to school. He was called Axle and had very dark brown eyes, a lovely warm coat, excellent hearing and a wet nose. Can you guess what he was?

Well yes you are quite right, he was a dog, but not just any dog. Axle was a police dog!

Axle bought his handler to our school to tell us all about the amazing work he does when he is keeping everyone safe. We were told how he can use his powerful legs to chase after people who do not do kind things and how his very sensitive nose helps him follow scents to help find people.

Dave explained that when Axle was not at work he lived with in his house. Axle played with his family and loved going on long walks.

We all liked Axle and luckily he liked us as well!

Axle looked very strong, I would not like him chasing me.

He was very good but wouldn’t let go of his ball. When they had a tug of war it was very funny.