As part of history this term we will be researching all about the Great Fire of London.

We began our journey by looking at Samuel Peps diary. We found he used lots of descriptive words which really helped us understand what was happening. We also looked at painting that depicted the event.

In our class room we have a large wall board which we will be filling with all our interesting facts and images. The first stage was to produce a fire border to edge our display. We used red and yellow paint which we mixed together to create the illusion of the burning hot flames. These were then cut out when dry to give them a fiery shape.

We have also work in teams to generate a landscape of the London skyline during this fateful time. We cut and layered tissue paper to represent the flames and black card for the building’s outlines. We had lots of fun and all got very sticky.

We have really enjoyed our first few weeks in Year 2 and we think our board looks amazing.

It was fun cutting out all the pieces.


I liked it when we were painting because I didn’t go over the lines a lot.