Prof Jones

To kick off the start of Term 3 we had a visit from Professor Jones, who had come all the way over from Egypt to visit us!

Firstly, he located Egypt for us on a large map and explained what it would have been like to live there and how the River Nile was crucial for the populations survival. 

Professor Jones showed us lots of Ancient Egyptian artefacts and demonstrated with tools how they would have been excavated from the sand.  We also had the opportunity to dress up as one of the most famous Pharaohs of all, Tutankhamun!

Next, we performed a mummification ritual on one of the members of our class! The body was surrounded with incense and flower petals to disguise the horrible smell. Professor Jones sliced open the body to remove the important organs and used a large hook to pull out the brain through the nose! Yuck!  A few of us wrapped the body in bandages, whilst the others danced and sang songs to celebrate the life of the body.

Finally, we learnt all about the Afterlife and the Ancient Egyptians Gods. We got to wear some funny hats and had great fun! 

I don’t think I would have wanted to be a mummy.

It would have been fun to meet Tutankhamun. He had a lot of gold.