In year 3, we have spent this term exploring the Stone Age. We have all taken part in different activities to help our understanding. We have carried out both written work and practical work.

In our DT topic we have been focusing on Stonehenge. Firstly, as a class we have explored what Stonehenge is and how it got there. After that we began to look at its structure. Once we had looked at the structure and shape of Stonehenge we sketched it into our sketch books and discussed as a class what we could make our Stonehenge out of. We talked about different types of media we could use and as a class we decided that clay would be the best and strongest material to use.

Then it was time to finally make our model! We were all given a lump of clay and a sheet of green grass to model our section on. We were all exited about having the clay, it was extremely sticky! Once we had made our own structure for a section of Stonehenge we then put it all together so each of our models made a whole class Stonehenge. The model is in our classroom and is on display in our art gallery.

In the next few weeks we will be creating some more art work to go into our art gallery. We look forward to sharing these with you.

I liked making the big upright rocks, but I didn’t like the feel of the clay, it was wet and gooey!

I enjoyed designing and making Stonehenge. I made some round rocks that had fallen down. I didn’t like the feel of the clay because it was really cold and I don’t like getting messy.