Parent Information


The admission policy is controlled by the school Governors and the permitted number of admissions is 30.  

Children may be registered after their third birthday but this does not guarantee admission to the school until confirmation is given either by the school or the Authority.

In the Summer Term arrangements are made for parents and children to visit the school.  Parents who wish to move their child from one maintained school to another are requested to first consult the Head of the present school and then to consult the Head of the intended school which caters for the same age range.  Such changes of school are normally only permitted at the beginning of a school term except in the case of a changed address and will require confirmation from the new school or the Authority.

Admission arrangements 

Individual queries regarding admission can be dealt with by contacting the Headteacher (01934 620738) or Schools Admissions Section, Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare, Tel. No. (01275) 884014/4078.

Parents wishing to view the school prior to applying for a place are welcome to do so by appointment.

Induction of Reception children

We understand that beginning school for the first time can be a daunting experience for little children, and so we aim to ease the transition between home and school.

Opportunity is given for several visits to school by children and their parents prior to admission.  An extra booklet, with help and advice for parents of children who are starting school for the first time is given during these visits. 

To view our admissions policy please visit our home page and click the correct version for the academic year of application.

Any responses regarding our admission policy, should be sent via either our school address or email for the Attention of Mrs A. Davey (Chair of Governors).

 Click here for the full list of admission polices located on our Key Information section.



If your child will not be in school for any reason: 

  • On the first morning of absence, RING 01934 620738 before 10.00a.m. and leave a message on the answer phone or with a member of staff.
  • Please leave your name, your child’s name and the name of your child’s class teacher.
  • Please say why your child will not be in school (illness, medical appointment, etc.)
  • Please give an indication of when your child will be back in school if you can.


The school office will listen to all the messages after 10.00 a.m. If a child is not in school and we have not received a message, we will ring you to check that your child is safe.



The school gates open at 8.35 a.m. and children are expected in class by 8.45 a.m.

If your child arrives in school after 9.00 a.m. they will be marked as late in the register.

If your child arrives after 9.15 a.m. we will ask you to bring your child to the office and sign the late book, but your child will then be marked as having an unauthorised absence.

It is important that you bring your child to the office if they arrive late, as we need to know exactly how many children are in school in case there is a fire or other emergency.


Please click the links below for the following:

Attendance and Punctuality Policy    

Information leaflet for families regarding penalty notices

Information leaflet for families regarding term time absences

Holidays in Term Time

Holiday taken in term time will not normally be authorised except in exceptional circumstances.

Fixed penalty fines may be issued where unauthorised holiday or unauthorised absence totals 5 days or more. 

A term time holiday form should be obtained from the school before booking a holiday.

From time to time, we may send you a ltter informing you of your child’s level of attendance, if it is at a level that gives us cause for concern.

School Uniform


White shirt or blouse

Grey skirt or trousers

Grey or white socks


White shirt

Grey trousers

Grey socks

Navy v-neck jumpers and crew neck sweatshirts, both with the school badge, may be ordered through the school office, on-line at or in person at the shop on the Oldmixon as they are quite happy to have people visit them. Sweatshirts or jumpers from other shops can be purchased.

Sensible shoes should be worn to school, not trainers.


Shorts – black, ‘T’ shirt – white

Girls may prefer black leotards

Black P.E. daps


Juniors only

Football boots or trainers

A sweatshirt or tracksuit is useful in cold weather.

Swimming costumes are required by Years 3,4,5 and 6 only.

A kit bag of some description is essential for all children to keep their P.E. kit in.  Sports bags are most suitable and are sold annually from school.

School Meals

A hot meal with choice is available but parents may choose to send their child with a packed lunch or even have them home for dinner.

Lunch money is payable on Mondays and should be placed in an envelope bearing the child’s name and the amount enclosed.  Cheques for dinner money should be made payable to North Somerset Council. 

Applications for free school meals should be made to the Education Welfare Officer at Somerset House, Oxford Street.

We ask for one week’s notice in writing, if a child wishes to change from school lunches to packed lunches or vice versa. 

For children bringing sandwiches the food should be packed in a named, sealed container.  Drinks in plastic bottles or cartons are permitted.  Fizzy or hot drinks are not permissible.

Free school meals

Find out if you meet the criteria for free school meals and how to apply please click here.

Lunchtime Supervision

School Meals Supervisory Assistants (S.M.S.A.s) are employed by the school to supervise the children in the dining hall and playgrounds at lunchtime.

The children can ask any of the S.M.S.A.s for help or support.

The  S.M.S.A.s can award smiley face stamps or thumbs down stamps in accordance with our behaviour policy.

Milk and Fruit

Milk can be purchased for all children direct from The School Milk Service Ltd. Information from Mrs Foote in the office.  The cost is approximately 15p a day for a third of a pint.

Fruit can be eaten during the morning break.  No sweets, gum, biscuits or chocolate is to be brought into the school as we like to encourage the children to eat healthily.


Click here to view our School Menu 

Click here to view Milk Free menu 

Click here to view No Gluten menu

Click here to view Nut Policy

During the year we also celebrate the foods of the world during themed lunches. Please click on the following links to find some past examples.

Burns Night


Valentine's Day

St Patrick's Day

St George's Day

Mexican Feast

Italian Celebration 

Our school operates the Parentpay system. Please click here

Travel Map

In order for pupils to safely plan their route to and from our school, we have provided parents and carers with a local map showing safe walking routes and approximate journey times. You can download this map as a PDF file below. Please note you will need Adobe Reader.

Download: School-Travel-Map.pdf