Hi, we are the Websters.

We meet fortnightly at lunch times and it is our job to make sure this website is the best it can be. It is our responsibility to collect quotes, sort through photos and work with Mrs Brooks to make any changes needed.

We work with everyone in the school as we report on the many different aspects of school life.

In September we begin to update our class activity pages and over the terms you will see them grow until each has exciting features to showcase each class. It is also our job to keep our Clubs, School Events and Pupil sections up to date as we report on the action as it happens.

We now have complete access over updating our site and changes are made regularly, so make sure you check out all the different sections, here are our top pages:

Class pages:

These pages show you all the exciting things we are doing in class as well as important class letters, topic webs and home links.


Here you will find they many activities held within our school. These can be whole school events, PTA events, Children’s Voice projects and Visitors. There is always something new to see.


These pages give you a snap shot view of all the school clubs we offer. These cover varied range of activities for the different year groups. If you would like to join a club then come in and ask to the office.


Here you will find all the school newsletters and event information. This is updated daily so you will always know what is happening in school.

We hope you like our website and if you have any ideas or comments please find a Webster and let us know. Together we are creating a website we can all be proud of.

It is amazing being a Webster and it is cool working with Mrs Brooks.

Being a Webster makes us feel important and we are very proud of our website.